Do you have a plan in place? Goals and understanding how you are going to get there are crucial, whether you are on a training program, nutrition plan or simply looking at improving your overall health we can help you set up on the right path. Book with us today!


We believe that understanding where you are in terms of your body’s health is the key to unlocking your full potential. How you weigh yourself is more important than what you weigh. By utilizing our research-grade, medically approved InBody Body Composition Analyser, we are able to accurately measure and track your results!


Our scanners, the InBody 770 and the InBody 970, are by far the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser available today, and are the first of their kind in New Zealand! Our scanner offers the most accurate, comprehensive, and detailed report of any other machine on the market.

Meet Jack

Hi, my name is Jack, and I am the director of NZ Body Scans.

I have been doing body composition testing for 6 years and have over 26000 scan experience using the InBody 770 and now, the InBody 970. Both machines are of the highest quality, and I absolutely love what I do.

Doing body composition testing helps take out any guess work and I endeavour to make sure you have the most in depth understanding of your physical make up through your scan results.


I work with a lot of Personal Trainers helping them understand their clients body composition, becoming part of their team and assisting their clients to achieve results in a quicker time by taking out that guesswork and keeping them accountable for their training and nutrition. Nutrition is a massive part of body composition testing which I have found to be about 80% of people’s success. 

Body composition testing isn’t just for the people going to the gym, it is for your everyday people, so never be shy to come in and get a scan done. Know there is never any judgment, and it will be very beneficial for yourself. 

I love my business because I get to help people motivate themselves and make sure they are getting their results correctly taking out any uncertainties they are thinking about their bodies.

Come on in, I’d love to have you on the machine.