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Your Results Explained.

There is more to your body than losing or gaining weight !


The InBody770 results sheet lets you see exactly what your body is made of by measuring four components, by breaking down your weight, focusing on Body-fat, muscle development, and by using BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to fine tune your diet.


A full interpretation of your scan is provided whenever a test is completed, however a quick and effective indicator of your overall results is explained using the Muscle-Fat Analysis below.


The three predominant shapes are C, I and D and form a “Traffic light system”.
How does this work? As you can see from the examples each shape represents a colour on the traffic light system and relates to the particular signal. These have been aligned to be universally accepted reactions of a traffic light systems as follows:


C = Red/STOP: Indicates intervention is likely needed to reach your optimal body composition.

I = Orange/DECISION TIME: Indicates you may need think about your current methods and intervene if necessary.

D = Green/KEEP GOING: Indicates a likely balanced body composition.



What to look out for when checking your Muscle-Fat Analysis



The C-Shape

Although the weight can be in the normal weight range, this shape can be indicative of Lower skeletal muscle mass, Higher body fat mass and Higher body weight. The general characteristics of the C shape is a person who has a higher body-fat level which creates a possibility of a higher probability of being at risk of many health-related illnesses such as hypertension, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This will be displayed as a lower InBody score which reflects the overall results. Lastly this is generally not an idealistic body shape and may require changes to your diet, exercise plans or way of life.  


The I-Shape

The 'I' shape predominantly provides a uniform measure of body weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass with no one area being more dominant than the other. What you will find with the I-Shape on your Inbody test is a is a person who has a uniform or close to reading of Skeletal muscle mass and bodyfat. This creates a straight line down all three sections of the Muscle-Fat Analysis sheet because no one area more predominant than another and as such creates an I shape. While better than the C shape, it is still suggested that the I shape may still require intervention to possibly reduce body fat levels and idealistically increase muscle mass however this is dependent on the specific goals of the individual.



The D-Shape

The 'D' shape. This normally indicates higher skeletal muscle mass with a more balanced ratio or body fat mass, which is generally representative of a well-trained and balanced body. What you will find with the “D” shape is someone who has lower Visceral fat levels, lower percentage of body fat and many more health benefits. Another benefit of being in the “D” shape is the possibility of having a much lower risk factor of health-related diseases when in comparison to the C shape. This is the idealistic shape one should strive to achieve, quite often found on well-trained and active individuals.


Please note that this method is a simple, generalised interpretation of your results. For a more comprehensive overview please refer to your InBody interpretation guide under the guidance of an NZ Body Scans staff member.