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The INBODY 770

The worlds most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)


At NZ Body Scans, we use the worlds most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) scanning equipment. This allows us to provide all of our clients with an extremely accurate, unquestionably repeatable, affordable, non-invasive, quick & easy Body Composition Analysis.


The InBody 770 is a direct segmental, multi-frequency BIA system with eight polar electrodes. The award winning design of the InBody 770 is made for a human body and takes direct impedance measurements from five body segments (your four limbs and your trunk).


By naturally standing on the devices and holding the hand electrodes, you can easily take the test without any difficulty. With-in one minute, it provides more than 40 parameters related to your body composition such as muscle, fat, minerals, and body water.


BIA as a technique for body composition assessments has been criticized in the past as an inaccurate way of analysing muscle mass. This inaccuracy was for a BIA system using only 50 kHz single-frequency. The InBody 770 uses multiple frequencies up to 1000 kHz and has been shown to have excellent correlation with a DEXA (98.4%).


DEXA is the laboratory reference standard against which other body composition techniques are evaluated. Because DEXA is primarily available at hospitals and imaging centres, where it is used to measure bone mineral density and diagnose osteopenia and osteoporosis, other body composition analysers have been developed that are more easily available and more affordable to the general public.


A drawback with DEXA is that it is a source of a small level of radiation. Even though the radiation dose from a DEXA scan is very small, it has been suggested that people should not do more than 4 DEXA scans per year. The InBody 770, using BIA, sends completely harmless electric currents through the body, is totally free of radiation.