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Frequently Asked Questions

While this is not a complete list of questions you might have, If you have any further questions, please let us know


The InBody 770 test takes 60 seconds. After your scan an NZ Body Scans staff member will sit down with you and interpret your results. This may take up to 30/40 minutes on your first scan and around 15mins for future scans.

For most people it is recommended to have a scan every 6 to 8 weeks, however if you are actively training for an event or contest we would recommend every 4 weeks to track your progress for optimal results.

We offer multiple ways to pay for your scan. We accept Cash and EFTPOS. For bulk and corporate deals we can accommodate those as well.

The InBody 770 is considered to have an 98.4% correlation when compared against DEXA,

A drawback with DEXA is that it is a source of a small level of radiation. Even though the radiation dose from a DEXA scan is very small, it has been suggested that people should not do more than 4 DEXA scans per year. The InBody 770, has the advantage of using BIA which sends completely harmless electric currents through the body and is totally free of radiation.

Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) uses very minor currents which are absolutely harmless to the body. Its safety has been proven by acquiring medical system's authorisation in South Korea, Europe and the United States. Many Medical instructions and universities are using this method... even NASA

However people who have a sensitive tactile sense might experience some tingling but for most people the electrical signal sent through the body is too low to detect.

Body Mass Index is one of the well-known methods to diagnose obesity. It is used to evaluate weight in relation to height. According to BMI, athletes or muscular individuals would always be considered obese due to their large amounts of muscle. This would result in people who have low percentage fat content, but high lean muscle mass and skeletal muscle mass would not be identified correctly using BMI alone. Therefore, for the true diagnosis of your body composition, you will need to check with the lnBody 770, To get a complete picture of what you're made of.